Members of GEDFAS visit the Gallery

Members of the Guildford Evening Decorative and Fine Arts Society (GEDFAS) - the Guildford branch of NADFAS - visited the Gallery on 16th April 2015 and, after a short talk by Mary Broughton (Gallery Trustee), much enjoyed the wide variety of highly characteristic artwork on display.

The opportunity was also taken to mark the return to the collection of Sime's painting Shining Hills: Landscape Decoration, the restoration of which had been sponsored by GEDFAS - support for which the Trustees are extremely grateful.

The restoration was carried out by Hazel Neill, whose website,, shows the condition of the painting before work was started and the approach that she took in bringing it back to life.

Cherry-Anne Russell, Chair of GEDFAS, and Mary Broughton, Trustee, in front of the restored painting


Cherry-Anne Russell and Anne Philps, Curator of the Sidney Sime Gallery