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The Sidney Sime Gallery has its own YouTube channel - SidneySimeGallery.  Currently, there are two videos you can watch.


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This video was filmed in the Gallery in 2013.  It explores Sime's personal background and his aims, approach and pre-occupations as a painter and illustrator, using examples of his work from the Gallery's collection.  Those taking part are Anne Philps, the Gallery's curator, Mary Broughton and Terry Cater from the Trustees, and two outside experts - Geoffrey Beare, chairman of the Imaginative Book Illustration Society, and Tim Dolby, picture restorer and artist, who has restored a number of our paintings.

The video was produced, directed and edited by Alex Hedger, with Joshua Bartolo-Smyth, William Brown and Jonny Byczok as additional crew. The music is by Kevin MacLeod




Devotees of Sime's art will be familiar with a little book Bogey Beasts published in 1923 by Goodwin & Tabb. It comprised 15 full-page black and white drawings of fantastic but harmless beasts reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, each accompanied by a 'jingle' - a descriptive verse - and a complementary musical score composed by Sime's friend and fellow devotee of Edgar Allen Poe, Joseph Holbrooke. Although little heard now, Holbrooke was a talented musician, renowned in the 1920s for his adventurous and modernistic compositions; these pieces have a haunting sound reminiscent of Ravel. In Bogey Beasts their talents combined well to produce an ephemeral blend of images and sounds that was at once morbid, bizarre and humorous.

Many drawings were modified reproductions of a series which appeared in The Sketch in 1905 called 'Sime Zoology - Beasts That Might Have Been', with the jingles added later.

Narrator: Nick Higham

Piano: Professor Francis Pott

Tenor: Nigel Evans-Thompson



Recording: Julio Molina-Montenegro

Editor: Andrew Manasseh

Producer: Mary Broughton

Director: Tracey Mannasseh

A PictureLed Production

Reproduced with permission of the Estate of Joseph Holbrooke (1877-1958)

All rights reserved, Worplesdon Memorial Trustees, 2015.